Creative Mindfulness Exercises For Adults

Last updated February 15, 2019

You want to tap into mindfulness, but not sure where to start? What could be a better start than using some fun and creative mindfulness exercises? Keep on reading and learn what are the top 10 creative mindfulness exercises for adults that we suggest.

  • Mindful senses indulgence
  • Mindful affirmations
  • Mindful daily rituals
  • Mindful walking
  • Mindful morning deep breaths
  • Playing with your thoughts mindfully
  • Carry your highest purpose always with you
  • Mindful mental cleaning
  • Mindful inner talk
  • Quick mindfulness meditation

Creative Mindfulness Exercises

The importance of creative mindfulness exercises

Now there is no room for any doubt about the benefits of mindfulness. You could really transform your life, bring more positive vibes daily and reduce the anxiety, that silent killer. However, there are many beginners in this field struggling to understand how to implement the mindfulness. Therefore, quick, fun and creative mindfulness exercises for adults are here to save your day and a perfect way to start your mindfulness journey. Start with any of these daily mindfulness exercises to bring the mindfulness closer to you.

Mindful senses indulgence

mindfulness exercises for adults

What could be more appealing than indulging your senses? If you enjoy eliciting your senses but yet want to explore mindfulness and get your senses activation to the next level, you should definitely go for this one.  Since being mindful implies to be fully aware of here and now, it helps you explore the deepness and the divine nature of senses.

Focus on the sense and sensation you love most. If you enjoy essential oils, calmness, and comfort they provide, you will then use the sense of smell to do this fun mindful exercises. The same applies to other senses too.

Pick something you enjoy and can activate one of your senses, such as music, light candles, essential oils, even yoga poses too. Just focus on the serenity, calmness, or happiness it causes to you. The goal of this practice is to focus your full attention on the selected object and activity you enjoy, consume/use, monitor the arousal of your senses and observe the positive feelings/vibes it brings along the way.

With this exercise, you can reconnect with your senses, feel awake and refreshed.

Mindful affirmations

If you don’t mind a bit of preparation, this profound spiritual exercise might be just for you. With the right mindfulness affirmation, you might get what you need: relaxation, calmness, anxiety relief, motivation, spirituality concentration and more.

But how to find the right mindfulness affirmation for you? Make a list of affirmations that come to your mind, that you find useful, positive and motivational. The affirmations that deeply resonate with you are the most valuable ones. Seek until you find them. Once you find the suitable time and place, start with your mindfulness affirmation practice. Put a full focus on them, visualize them, and while inhaling and exhaling imagine gaining a fresh new energy from them.

Mindful affirmations

Mindful daily rituals

Another one among the creative mindfulness exercises for adults is doing your favorite daily rituals mindfully.

If you love your little daily rituals, now you’re going to love them more! Relaxing little breaks are really precious for your mental health, and that’s what our rituals are for. Now you can use them more consciously, with greater focus and attention. You can use them as an escape from the myriad of random thoughts that might seem overwhelming.

Mindful walking

Now we come to combining physical activities with mindfulness. How does mindful walking differ from the regular one? Let the full focus of your attention become your steps, movements, and breaths. Enjoy the present moment, richness of nature and the energy of your slow movements. Mindful walking combines the benefits of physical activities and a regular meditational practice. It is perhaps the most beneficial among all creative mindfulness activities since it combines movements with spirituality.

Mindful morning deep breaths

If you’re facing with a busy and hectic daily routine, you’re really going to need this one. Even just a few deep focused morning breaths can reduce your anxiety caused by the busy day that’s ahead of you. Relieve the stress levels from the early morning and reward yourself with a few deep breaths. Invite the positive vibes you need from the early start of the day by adding some motivational thoughts and mantras. Hopefully, it’ll help you surmount all the problems during the day more easily.

Playing with your thoughts mindfully

This mindful exercise is a great way to do some introspection and get to know yourself better. If you’re constantly overwhelmed with the tasks and obligations, you may tend to neglect your thoughts and emotions.  Playing with your thoughts mindfully means observing them as they come and go, noticing them and accepting them without any judgment. Why’s that important? You’ll minimize the possibilities to bury your emotions into subconsciousness world and it will be more difficult to deal with them.

Carry your highest purpose always with you

Carrying your purpose and highest goals might be beneficial for you during hardships and stressful episodes. The essence of this exercise is to do all your daily activities regularly, but somewhere at the back of your mind carry the awareness about your highest purpose. What’s the benefit of this activity? It can make you grateful, focused and help you find the courage and inspiration in doing dull daily chores and tasks.

Mindful mental cleaning

Among all the creative mindfulness exercises listed here, this one has the strongest potential to help you get rid of the negativity around you and inside you. This exercise means observing your thoughts and emotions, but now with one step further from the previous practice. While fully focused on your thoughts, you become cautious about all the negative thoughts and ideas that can come into your mind. Moreover, you take an active approach and try to replace them with the suitable positive ones.

Mindful inner talk

This mindful exercise means treating yourself like you’re your best friend. Develop a compassionate self-talk and a friendly approach. Analyse your life experiences and prepare advice. Mindful inner self-talk is like sharing the life wisdom from you – to you. Don’t become too harsh on yourself as this exercise can become counterproductive that way.

Quick mindfulness meditation

Finally, we came to a little more profound mindfulness practice. It may require a bit of preparation and practice, but you can make it. Do a quick meditation session with the full awareness of what’s going on inside ou and outside you. Mindfulness meditation is a supreme spiritual practice to achieve serenity and inner peace. Training your senses to be more responsive to the inner and outer stimuli will be beneficial for this practice.

Mindfulness Exercises For Adults – Recap

All mindfulness exercises can be inspiring and fun if you’re into mindfulness. In this blog post, we have come up with a suggestion of 10 creative mindfulness exercises for adults you can start practising and fall in love with mindfulness. Interested to learn more about daily mindfulness exercises? You can find a free e-book about mindfulness on this link.

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