Positive Affirmation Cards


  • Would you like to learn to practice self-love?
  • Would you like to get some inspiration during your bad days?
  • Would you like to get fuel for self-improvement and increase motivation on a daily level?
  • Would you like to feel empowered and unstoppable?
  • Do you want to give your positive emotions a boost, and take care of your inner self?
  • Do you want to stop expecting too much from yourself?

If the answer to any of the questions below is YES, then these printable 112 self-love affirmations might be just right for you!

Rewire your mind to think differently, with more self-love, self-toleration, and self-kindness. Reward yourself with daily motivation boost during challenging times.

What are Positive Affirmation Cards?

My self-love affirmation cards are printable files containing 112 self-love and self-esteem daily motivation mantras. There are 7 PDF files in total, and each of them contains 16 unique, empowering and beautifully designed affirmations. The affirmations can be printed and each of them can be separately cut so that you can carry it everywhere with you.

Benefits of self-love affirmation cards

I designed these self-love affirmations with the intention to motivate, heal, and inspire. Each of the affirmation is unique and filled with positive emotion to help you beat negative self-talk, gain self-esteem, and practice self-kindness. Here are just a few benefits of these printable affirmations:

  • an effective tool with measurable benefits for your daily self-love practice
  • each of the affirmation is designed to deeply resonate with you on an emotional level
  • a motivational and inspirational tool that will effortlessly teach you self-kindness
  • beautiful backgrounds will make it easier to visualize, which is an important part of adopting these mantras
  • help in rewiring your brain and adopting a positive and generous attitude towards yourself
  • help in gaining new energy in defining and achieving new life goals