Working with Coaches

Shout out to all mindfulness & wellness coaches, as well as mental health advocates and counselors.

If you’d like to work with somebody who has a passion for your business, deep knowledge, and extensive experience in writing the topics your business is about, you’re at the right place.

My Services

  • research on topics for your blog posts,
  • copywriting (articles, product pages, landing pages, ebooks, and social media copies)
  • designing infographics, banners for social media, landing pages, and ebooks
  • help in channeling your ideas with online courses, freebies, and products
  • designing customized worksheets, planners and journals for you/your clients

The advantages of working with me

  • I share your values and have a strong understanding of your business niche
  • I can help you with branding your business
  • I can help you generate ideas for your courses and convert these ideas into comprehensive and workable courses
  • I can write a compelling copy to your site written by an expert of this matter
  • I can choose the right topics for your website, with keyword research and Google traffic in mind

Price per hour: $20 starting rate/possibility to develop custom-value packages.

Customized packages: contact via for customized packages and pricing

About me

I’m a blogger and idealist. I’ve been exploring mindfulness, mental health, and other psychology and personal growth topics for years. I strive for harmony, self-improvement, inner peace and perfection. I am an INFJ personality type, a natural counselor, narcissist abuse victims advocate and an empath.

About my work

My website is my testimonial: I write extensive and informative pieces of content, well-ranked in search engines.  All infographics are my work, too.

Also, I take care of the conversion and user experience of the site. My subscription base is growing steadily, due to great content, and some free resources I give.

Feel free to contact me here: