Upbeat Meditation Music

meditation music

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to select the right upbeat meditation music for your meditation practice? There is an almost endless stream of melodies for meditation, and how to select the right for you? Why is meditation music important? For some people, meditation is almost a spiritual and metaphysical experience. The […]

Mindful Health: 5 Major Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

mindful health

Mindful health is a fairly new but attractive philosophy. The core belief of this philosophy is that mindfulness practice can significantly improve our health if we practice it regularly and properly. The full list of positive effects of mindfulness practice is yet to be defined, but many people have already testified that practicing mindfulness improved […]

Super Consciousness Definition, Benefits, And Inspiring Quotes

super consciousness

Super consciousness state is an elusive yet remarkable state. If you’re embarking the journey of exploring human consciousness, this is the perfect page for you! Learn about super consciousness definition, explanations and inspiring quotes. A higher state of consciousness Super consciousness definition is intriguing and yet hard to explain. It’s fascinating. Our consciousness has vast […]