As a natural counselor (INFJ personality type), a mindfulness practitioner, and an ex-victim of narcissistic abuse, I decided to use my experience to help other people. Therefore, I’m starting to offer my coaching services.

My coaching services

Currently, I offer coaching services in the following fields:

  • help in identifying and implementing your life goals, and tracking your progress
  • help in applying mindfulness daily, acquiring mindfulness techniques and reaping the measurable benefit from mindfulness
  • help in overcoming your low self-esteem and awaking your hidden potential
  • help in dealing with toxic people and learning to set your boundaries

How can you benefit from my coaching sessions?

My passion is helping people. If we start working together, you’ll have my full attention during the session, and I’ll provide you a feedback in the form of constructive advice and support. I know that emotional support I very important since you might be in a delicate situation. Moreover, I’ll develop personalized worksheets and programs according to your needs to help you achieve your self-improvement goals. My coaching is not just a business, it’s mutual trust, dedication, insightful analysis, kind and honest communication, and emotional support.

Sessions Info and Pricing

The sessions are held weekly or be-weekly, whatever fits you. The duration of 1 session is 1 hour, and the price is $50.

The first season is totally free! It’s dedicated to the introduction and getting to know each other better, setting the common ground for our collaboration. Of course, it’s not obligatory to continue with me after the first session if you don’t think we’re a perfect fit. However, if you do continue, I’ll be more than happy to offer you all the advice and support you need.

Have questions? Write to me here! Or book a session here!