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Are you sensitive to criticism, unable to express your thoughts freely, always compare yourself with others, or anxious in social situations? Luckily, we created a digital product just for you – printable self esteem workbook PDF files that will help you embrace your strengths and create a firm foundation to boost your self-esteem in a long-term. Self Esteem Workbook PDF

Our printable Self Esteem Workbook PDF product has 22 worksheets in total:

  • Defining the basics: Defining my strengths, activities that make me happy & things that make me uncomfortable
  • Defining my goals and obstacles
  • A proactive approach – Using my strengths to battle my insecurities in a detailed action plan
  • A proactive approach – Using my strengths to bring more positive vibes into my life and boost my self-confidence
  • My self-esteem growth mindset: converting 10 negative mantras into positive ones
  • My self-esteem weekly journal – Planning my self-esteem activities day by day
  • My self-esteem check-up list: what I’ve accomplished so far
  • Notes and suggestions for further improvement
  • Motivational Messages & Notes you can use on the go

The additional material:

  • Week 2nd, 3rd, 4th &5th following up and tracking the progress: Self-esteem weekly journal, Self-esteem check up list, Notes & Motivational Messages

Why is it important to constantly work on your low self-confidence?

Low self-esteem is a common problem nowadays. Many people spend years or even decades in such a state unable to realise and reveal their full potential to others. Therefore, low self-esteem is often the culprit of our unfulfilled potential and wrong life choices. However, there is a whole world of possibilities once you step out of the comfort zone by working on your self-esteem.

Our self esteem workbook PDF is here to prove to you that it’s possible to overcome your insecurities by using your own strengths only. The real power lies in you and you just how to reveal it, come up with a realistic and detailed action plan and start making it happen!

printable self-esteem worksheets

How does our printable self esteem workbook PDF actually work?

Our product is helpful on so many levels:

  • Focused on identifying and battling the main causes of your low self-confidence
  • Provides a proactive approach aimed at generating broad ideas about possible changes and writing a detailed action plan
  • Raising awareness of your positive aspects and using them as an inspiration & source for change
  • Motivation to further develop your strengths and using them to battle your insecurities
  • A successive list of our worksheets makes it easier to implement and track your progress
  • Identify core problems and come to the best solutions yourself with the help of our self esteem workbook pdf
  • Enables to add notes, motivational messages and detailed weekly plans
  • 10 Comprehensive worksheets for the first week + 12 additional worksheets to track your progress in the following 4 weeks

With this product, gaining self-esteem comes naturally, without questioning yourself endlessly or trying out numerous ineffective approaches.

Purchase it at this low price and start improving your self-confidence today! A comprehensive, customized product for a long-term solution!

Read our blog post about self-esteem and how to use self-esteem worksheets.

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