Priorities In Life – 3 Proven Ways To Identify Them

priorities in life

Discovering your priorities in life can be a real blessing, however, many people struggle with that.

priorities in life

Do you struggle to define priorities in life?

Do you know what are your core values and goals?
Is it hard for you to define what keeps you moving and motivated?
Do you complete your daily tasks but don’t feel fulfilled?
Is your gut feeling telling you that you need change in life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a big chance that your priorities in life remain hidden and not pursued.

The importance of defining priorities in life

If you’re unable to properly define your priorities in life, you have no life focus in general. Without a focus, you cannot define your life goals and work towards their completion. Your core life goals remain hidden, unrecognizable and unfulfilled.

Think about how sad it would be if you never unveiled your real purpose in life. Your life would consist of dull, repetitive tasks for the sake of mere living.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

– Stephen Covey

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Your priorities in life don’t have to be hidden any longer

priorities in life

It’s easy to say that you only need to take some time to contemplate your life and you’ll get the right answers. Many people just don’t have a clue where to start from. They immersed in their daily routine that much that it doesn’t allow them any creativity and shifting their focus from the routine tasks.

Got familiar with the description?

Luckily, there is a solution for you too.

three unique methods to find your priorities in life

It’s astonishing how little time and effort it takes sometimes to make significant progress in life. Below are three quick and interesting methods you can try out to finally come up with your priorities in life.

Disconnect from your daily routine for at least 10 minutes and practice mindfulness

priorities in life

Find a quiet and cozy corner where you can spend a peaceful time all by yourself. Try to relax, contemplate things from a different perspective and clarify your thoughts.

Pick any room in your house or any other place where you feel good so that you feel your positive emotions coming out to the surface. You can turn on some music, drink tea, or coffee, light up the aromatic candles. Everything that helps you relax is beneficial. Breathe, think, and relax.

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Processing your thoughts

At the beginning of this process, a multitude of random thoughts that swarm up to your head will occur. That’s how our brain processes our bustling reality. Now, let the positive vibes take over you.

Focus on breathing. Focus on life and the present moment. You are here and now. What a beautiful thing! No high expectations, no demanding jobs, just you! You owe this moment to yourself!

If needed, repeat this process. I believe that now you have a better focus and you are abler to surmount the distracting obstacles that are on your way.

Mindfulness practice helps you identify your priorities in life by improving your focus

Since mindfulness practice helps you have a better grasp of your thoughts and emotions and assess them more objectively, it might help you unveil some core values and life priorities you haven’t been aware of.

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Aha moment

focused mind

You think that Aha Moment is not applicable to your daily life? Think again! You are just an ordinary human being, not a talented scientist? You’d be surprised how often this effect occurs. Have you ever got a crazy, or original idea under the shower? I bet you have.

The Aha Moment mostly pertains to writers, artists, and other creatives, but why not try it out yourself? You’ll never know where it’s going to take you. Sometimes, the greatest ideas occur spontaneously.

You can use this effect to assess problems from a different perspective. A complex issue suddenly becomes easier to grasp. The Aha Moment can point out a view or a solution that you overlooked.

And finally, Aha effect can manifest as a sudden vision of your life, values, goals, and problem solutions.

Spontaneity is the key here

The only flaw is that you can’t summon it. It comes to you unexpectedly.

But how is this related to finding your priorities in life? Well, sometimes the best solutions and ideas come when you stop forcing yourself and give yourself a proper time to take a break.

A pen and paper

focused mind

You can implement this concept for defining your life priorities, and clarify your work tasks.

You can set up a logical approach. Get a blank sheet and a pen, and make a list. Put all of your problems on it, as they come to your mind. Take another blank sheet and put your goals on it.

After that, you need to classify and analyze both your problems and goals. You can sort them by urgency and importance. Answer these questions: “What is important to me in the long term?” , “What is urgent?” ,”What is not necessary?” , “What can I put off?”. You can use different colors, create a chart if it helps.

Emphasise what matters the most

Once you’ve done this, try to make your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans according to your list. Emphasise the goals that matter the most. They can give you some useful insights.

The goals that spark your positive emotions, keep you moptivated and ypu have a tremendous desire to reach them – they can be defined as your priorities.

Have you noticed that it’s easier to focus now?
Do you feel relieved now a bit?
Is it a bit easier now to find your priorities in life?

Finding your priorities in life is a real treasure

Be mindful, observe your reactions, emotions and all that is around you to get a full grasp of your thoughts. Everything will come at the right time. Do not push it too hard because it can become counterproductive.

Try to understand yourself, your deepest motivational drive, your hidden desires and core values.

In this blog post, I listed 3 ways to discover your priorities in life. What’s even better, they are not for a single use only. If you practice them often enough, you can learn a lot about your yourself and your priorities.

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